Seasonal MEDIUM INTENSITY Extra Virgin Olive Oil



When our customers see the vast assortment of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in our store, they often ask “which intensity EVOO do I use for which foods?” First of all, let your palate guide you.

Medium Intensity olive oils are categorized as such due to their flavour profile intensity. Unlike the more robust or intense flavour profile olive oils that have a strong peppery finish and very intense flavours on the front end, medium intensity oils tend to be mid-way between the very robust, and very mild or delicate oils. Medium Intensity olive oils are usually very versatile oils, and can be used comfortably with a variety of dishes without being overwhelming or too mild.

Medium Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oils are great for grilled meats and vegetables, heavier sauces, pastas, milder cheeses, and bruschetta.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are seasonal.  We get the most fresh oil that is available.  When you choose to purchase a MEDIUM Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we send you the seasonal oil that is available.  Olive variety will vary based on the Northern or Southern hemisphere fresh varieties available at time of order. You won’t be disappointed!

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200ml, 375ml

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