Paducah Olive Oil Co. June Newsletter

Jun 10, 2023 | Healthy Ingredients, Spices

Paducah Olive Oil Co.

June Newsletter

May has literally flown by, and now we are ready to face summer in western Kentucky!  We are no strangers to bad weather around here and May certainly didn’t disappoint as far as storms and heavy rain.  At least we won’t have to hear about a drought for a few weeks!  Flowers and gardens are springing up everywhere, right along with weeds and grass.

At the Olive Oil Co., we’ve had some excitement during the month of May.  Karla has a new great-niece, Lela’s family has grown by a grandson-in-law, Alaina has graduated from high school, and Daisy has registered for college! Angie’s grandson turned 2 this month.  It’s been a whirlwind around here!

We’ve also added a few new products to our line-up.  Lemon ginger chews are available in singles and by the bag.  A new shipment of caramel sauces from the Caramel Kitchen has arrived.  Flavors include vanilla cinnamon, espresso, salted, chocolate, and bourbon.  Dandy Blend, a delicious blend of dandelion root, along with chicory and a few other herbs is available in single serve boxes or two sizes of bags.  It is a must try for inflammation or for those trying to give up caffeine.  Salt Sisters bread dipping spices is also a new item.  There’s always something new to see and try in the store.

We’ve recently come across some interesting information about salt that we want to share with you!

Salt in its natural form is referred to as unrefined salt.  Unrefined salt has not been altered by man.  It is harvested from the earth all over the world and contains many minerals and elements that are useful to the human body.  Some salt that is unrefined contains over 80 minerals.

In contrast, refined salt is what is commonly known as table sale or iodized salt.  This salt begins as unrefined salt but is bleached and stripped of all its mineral content to obtain the “pure” white appearance.  It contains two major ingredients:  sodium and chloride.  Other ingredients are added to create a longer shelf life.  Everyone believes that iodine in salt will help prevent certain thyroid issues, but the actual amount of iodine in refined salt is too small to provide what the body needs.

Don’t forget Dad on his special day this month!  Fathers’ Day is June 18th.   We have several gifts baskets available especially for guys!  Of course, we can make up any kind of basket you would want for the man in your life.

For our recipes this month, we want to introduce you to some products, and some uses for those.  First up, is Buffalo Dry Rub mix.  It is recommended for chicken as a rub before baking or grilling.  It is also excellent for cauliflower steaks on the grill.  We also have a new Cajun Dry Rub.  It is excellent for rolling both corn on the cob and shrimp prior to grilling.  It also is great on pressed firm tofu before grilling.  Of course, a drizzle of jalapeño lime balsamic sets this off!

Our second choice is The Dandy Blend which is a blend of dandelion along with chicory, roasted rye, and roasted barley.  It is excellent as a replacement for caffeine.  It’s great as a hot drink with ½ tsp of honey or agave and a bit of cream.  It’s a refreshing cold drink as well served over crushed ice.  Some other uses are that it can be added to a smoothie for a nice cold meal replacement on a hot summer day.  It can be used as a replacement for espresso in tiramisu and you can blend it in as you freeze “ coffee” ice cream.

Our next product is caramel sauces from the Caramel Kitchen.   There are so many uses for this stuff!  Drizzle it over cheesecake, use it as a sweetener in your morning coffee, it’s great with ice cream, and the best of all, in a spoon!  You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors.

Some of our overlooked spices also offer a big taste bang.  Allspice is fabulous when added to grilled chicken for a Jamaican flavor, and as a zippy addition to crockpot chicken along with a bit of lemon.  Ranch Dip mix added to sour cream makes a cool, refreshing dip for summer veggies or your favorite chips.  Use it on taco salads.

Just arriving today, we have two new products for the meat in your life!  The first of those is Buttery Beef Rub.  Its sweet buttery flavor is sure to pep up a steak on the grill or a burger or even as a seasoning in meatloaf.  Next is BBQ Dust and the name says it all.  This is great to sprinkle over nearly anything you are cooking on the grill or in the air fryer.

Come in and tell us all about how you use your favorite spices or send us a post on Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from all of you.

Finally, we want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in your lives.




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