Our Story

Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle

Growing up in a health oriented family, the decision to open Paducah Olive Oil Company was simple.  When I was young, we grew our own food and had our own animals for meat.  My mom made all of our bread and we drank only fresh milk from the neighbors’ cows.  I believe the single most important aspect of a healthy life is what you put in your mouth.

My passion is to show others that you don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to be healthy.  You can have it all- delicious and nutritious.  My cooking world has been forever changed by the discovery of olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  My husband, Michael and I take a shot of olive oil/balsamic every night.  We noticed positive health benefits in just a short period of time.
It was my dream to open a gourmet store in Paducah, KY that would offer premium olive oils and vinegars, along with other organic and free trade products. In the future, my goal is to offer cooking demos and classes, along with providing other local products that encourage healthy living.

FullSizeRenderWe hope you visit our shop soon! Thank you for your encouragement and support!

-Karla Hogancamp


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