Nutritional Yeast Blends!

Mar 6, 2020 | Healthy Ingredients

Have you ever tasted Nutritional Yeast? Nutritional yeast is similar to the yeast that is used in baking, but it undergoes a heating and drying process that renders it inactive. Nutritional yeast is dairy-free and usually gluten-free, but still has a cheesy flavor. It can be a useful supplement for people with food allergies or sensitivities, as well as those on restricted diets.

It has some great health benefits such as:
*Enhances Immunity.
*Contains Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties.
*Benefits Digestion.
*Promotes Healthy Hair, Nails, and Skin.
*Helps with Healthy Pregnancy and Prevents Birth Defects.

We have some new Nutritional Yeast Blends available now.

Nacho Spice
Dill and Vinegar
Himalayan Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar

Sprinkle it over everything from salads to popcorn, veggies, pasta, and even soups – anywhere you could use some cheesy flavor!


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